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What is BA (HONS) all about?

A BA honors is an undergraduate programme of duration of three years. It provides individuals with numerous opportunities to explore the various areas and acquire knowledge without any monotony or lack of interest. One can find numerous career options and better pay packages after BA hons. than other undergraduate courses in the field of arts.

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Hons courses are listed amongst the choicest career options after class 12th. Though majorly pursued by students with Humanities backgrounds, BA courses are also open to students from Science as well as Commerce streams. From traditional subjects such as English and Philosophy to trending ones like Biomedical Sciences and Management, there are a plethora of specializations available.

Modernized Hons is the scientific study of all facets of the world’s languages, from their grammatical structures and sound systems to how languages interact with cultures and other topics that will be covered in the course.

  • A BA with honours serves as a prerequisite for degrees including the MA, M.Sc., M.Phil., and Ph.D.
  • One is qualified for the position of a lecturer at any institution or college and improved professional options after successfully completing a BA Hons degree.
  • The BA with Honors, one of the greatest and most effective degrees, is very helpful for achieving specialties in certain topics.
  • One can pursue post-graduation in a variety of other disciplines after completing a BA Hons.


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    More About Wellington BA (HONS)

    As discussed, BA Hons is a widely chosen program across the globe not only by Humanities stream students but also by students from other streams. Scores of universities in India and abroad offer the program along with various specializations.  Regardless of the variant you opt, the entry requisites remain almost the same. Let us have a look at the common entry requisites. 

    • You must have completed 10+2 schooling from a recognised board with minimum percentage as prescribed by the university.  
    • A good score in English proficiency tests like IELTSTOEFL, etc
    • SOP and LORs as prescribed by the institutions 

    NoteThe aforementioned eligibility criteria are general in nature. You must get in touch with Wellington Campus experts to know more about it. 

    Enhance your Bachelor’s degree with advanced study and research in your major subject area.

    Explore your area of interest in more detail and improve your career prospects with a BA(Hons). Refine your research, writing and analytical skills while expanding your knowledge.

    At Honours level your learning will be more self-directed. You’ll have the opportunity to do a 30-point research project and this will include designing, undertaking and reporting on a research project under supervision.

    As an Honours student you’ll be in smaller classes and will be able to build closer relationships with academic staff.

    If you want to continue studying at an advanced level and have at least a B average in your Bachelor’s degree for the subject you intend to study (or a B+ average for some subjects), then you can do a BA(Hons).

    Complete a Master’s

    At the end of your Honours year you can apply to continue your studies to gain a Master of Arts, which you’ll be able to complete in one further year of study.

    Below are the various BA Hons job sectors that one can check

    Archaeology Department

    Civil Services

    Public Administration 

    Geology Department

    Event Planning


    International Relations

    Any Government sector

    Office Administration

    Economics and Finance

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