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What is MBA all about?

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is an internationally-recognized graduate-level degree that develops the skills required for careers in business and management. The value of the MBA, however, is not limited strictly to the business world. An MBA can also be useful for those pursuing a managerial career in the public sector, as well as government and the nonprofit sectors. 

An MBA degree is a program usually taken by candidates with at least a few years of professional experience who are looking to accelerate their careers or switch roles into a new function, industry or geography (or all three). Successfully completing an MBA can lead to a major salary boost and a massively expanded network of professional contacts. 

Here’s a brief history of the MBA: First introduced at universities in the United States around the turn of the 20th century, MBA programs have evolved to keep up with the demands of the times. Harvard University, in 1908, was reportedly the first business school to introduce an MBA program. Within the coming decades, many American business schools, including those at Wharton and Stanford, also launched MBA programs.

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    More About Wellington MBA

    Quality Education

    MBA is a course with numerous scopes when it comes to job opportunities. However, priorities of consideration strongly depend on the quality of education you received during the course period. Wellington Campus stands on top of the list offering quality education. With regular interaction with successful business leaders, MBA from the Wellington Campus moulds the students to face the corporate world with confidence. Supported by decades of tradition, the quality of education provided in the Wellington Campus is out of words.

    Experiencing Cultural Diversity

    More than fifty percent of students enrolling in MBA programmes in the Wellington Campus are from overseas. This opens up a chance to get acquainted with people from different cultures and places. This creates a cultural harmony among the students. This exposure to different cultures increases the opportunities to maintain a close relationship beyond the borders which would be highly beneficial in your personal and professional life.

    Enhance your Chance of Getting Employed

    Maintaining strong relations with top ranked business firms, universities in the Wellington Campus improves your chances of getting placed in the leading business firms around the globe. Most recruiters over the world, being well aware of the quality of theoretical and practical education offered from in the UK, are more inclined towards postgraduates with an MBA certificate issued by the Wellington Campus universities. 

    Quick Graduation with Quality Education

    Most of the MBA programmes in the Wellington Campus have a course duration of one year which results in quick graduation. The education consultants range from comprehensive and exclusive support services. This helps you save your money and time without a compromise in the quality of education. This also lets you begin your career earlier than other courses which have a longer duration.


    Among the top hundred universities in the world, the Wellington Campus enhances its pride with the fact that sixteen among them belong to the Wellington Campus among which four acquire positions in the top ten. This makes it clear that an MBA from the Wellington Campus would make your CV stand out among that of the others. With a never compromising quality and faculty, Wellington Campus universities continue to grow by being the first option for the aspiring students.

    MBA at a Lower Fees

    There are a number of colleges around the Wellington Campus providing MBA courses at comparatively a  lower tuition fees. Most of these colleges provide universities affiliated MBA courses with an alternative lower expense for the international students. 

    World Class Research Infrastructure

    Wellington Campus University has no compromise when it comes to research resources as well.  According to surveys, thirty percent of the Wellington Campus university research is classified as ‘world leading’ and forty percent is classified as ‘internationally excellent’. MBA from the Wellington Campus gives you an opportunity to experience a strong research platform to explore different ideas in a practical lab environment.

    Strong Alumni Connection

    Getting an MBA from the Wellington Campus gives you a chance to gain alumni status and join the Alumni Club. A strong alumni connection would help you to create networking chances and open up to a wide variety of resources and knowledge that would benefit your career in the future. 

    Career Guidance Services

    Studying MBA from the Wellington Campus provides full-time career guidance that helps you discover your skills and area of interest. Career guides would assist you in enriching your CV and cover letters giving it a more professional touch.

    To find out a combination of strong leadership skills and practical knowledge is tough and most of the organisation around the world looks forward to profiles who satisfy these needs. An MBA graduate from the UK is among the first preference by the recruiters due to their in-depth knowledge of theory and practical applications of the subject. An MBA student from the Wellington Campus learns different aspects of business and comes out with developing well-appreciated business skills. With all these facts, opting Wellington Campus for your MBA studies would be the best decision you could make.

    Hopefully, some of the tips provided above will help you to obtain an MBA degree from the Wellington Campus. These are the major advantages and benefits of doing MBA from the Wellington Campus. 

    Better Opportunities: Having a PhD degree from a foreign university always looks good on the CV and gives an edge to the students. Companies look for candidates who have global exposure and studied at a good research institution. This not only helps in getting a good position in the company or academia but also attracts higher pay packages. 

    Better Funding: Doing your Ph.D. abroad could be considerably cheaper because of the various funding options available to students. Also, tuition fees at the doctorate level differ extensively around the globe. There are plenty of scholarships available for international students which will take care of most of the expenses incurred by the student. 

    Broad Network: By creating ties in a new county, extend your network. You will get to know individuals on a personal basis and make friends from all over the world. Doing a Ph.D. abroad will also benefit you if, after receiving your degree, you intend to work beyond your home country.

    New Culture: Studying abroad would help you develop a global perspective as you will be introduced to new concepts, ways of instruction, and academic communities. If studying in a Non-English speaking country then you might also get a chance to learn a foreign language which is a good thing. You will be doing your research with students and faculty members from around the world in a country different from your own. This will enhance your cultural awareness and remove the barriers that you had at the start or as you begin a research degree. 

    New Research Environment or Methods: While doing your PhD abroad, you’ll benefit from learning new techniques, lectures taken by expert faculties, being part of a unique research community that itself is international. The college abroad will have access to resources such as archives, collections, materials, and equipment that are unique to your place of study. But bear in mind that the supervisory structure may be very different in other countries and doesn’t mean the same as in India.

    MBA in Finance is a popular MBA specialization with tremendous growth prospects in Banking, Financial Services & Insurance sector. Financial management focuses on the planning, managing, and regulating the financial resources/assets of any industry.

    After completing an MBA in Finance, one can find a job in the following sectors – 

    • Corporate Finance
    • Corporate Banking
    • Credit Risk Management
    • Asset Management
    • Hedge Fund Management
    • Private Equity
    • Treasury
    • Sales and Trading

    Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, and JP Morgan are some of the top recruiters in India hiring MBA Finance professionals. 

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